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mushroomInterview with

Renate Pilz

Managing Partner, Pilz GmbH & Co. KG, Ostfildern

"The future is decentralized, distributed control concepts that allow users still a central view of the system"

New brand presentation, technical challenges and energy efficiency were the focus of Pilz's appearance at the SPS / IPC / Drives: In an interview, Renate Pilz, Managing Partner of Pilz, gives insights into the company and the future development of the industry.

development scout: Your company will appear at this year's SPS / IPC / Drives exhibition with a new look. What idea is behind the new appearance?

Mushroom: The new Pilz brand image also visually illustrates the development of Pilz as a solution provider for all automation tasks. Today, we offer a comprehensive portfolio, starting with individual components in the fields of sensors, control and drive, through automation systems to services. In doing so, we cover both the requirements for safety and the requirements in standard-oriented projects. We want Pilz to be perceived more strongly as a full-range supplier of automation solutions.

development scout: Is safety becoming less important to fungus?

Mushroom: No not at all. The Pilz brand is synonymous worldwide with the safety of machinery and equipment. That should remain so. Rather, we want to expand the concept of security. The yellow ribbon, which defines our corporate design in the future, stands for the 4-fold security in automation: technical, personal, ecological and.

development scout: What does this mean for your customers?

Mushroom: Due to our extended range of services, we are able to provide complete solutions for all control tasks. Our partnership for all automation tasks begins with many customers with consulting, risk analysis and training and extends to the selection and implementation of end-to-end solutions that combine sensor technology, drive and control.

development scout: How do you see the further technical development in automation?

Mushroom: The future belongs to decentralized, distributed control concepts, which still allow users a central view of the system. We are already following this path with our PSS 4000 automation system. Here we work specifically on further hardware modules, software editors and complete solution packages for new application areas. Another challenge is to make the interface between technology and people as user-friendly as possible. What that might look like is shown at the fair with our graphical program editor 'PAS multi'.

development scout: Energy efficiency is one of the topics that the industry is currently working on. Rightly?

Mushroom: Yes absolutely. Efficiency and efficiency are gaining in importance in the selection of automation and drive technology - of course always under the condition that the already achieved performance and precision must be maintained. For this reason, for example, we are increasingly focusing our attention on the topic of energy efficiency when developing products. For example, optimized system design for distributed I / O systems enables significant energy savings. The benefit for the user is just as motivating for us as the conservation of resources.

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