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Kanban methodLogimat East Entrance, Stand ES17

Otto Roth presents its extensive expertise in efficient and customized Procurement of C parts, The highlight is a new one Kanban Method using RFID technology, Users can use it to automate their supply of C-parts, thereby reducing ordering effort and delivery times.

With a product portfolio of more than 100.000 different items, Otto Roth has been supplying screws, fittings, flanges or dowels to high-quality drawing parts for trade and industry since 1914. The strengths also include extensive C-parts management, which simplifies procurement processes and fulfills individual requirements.

Smart box orders itself

At Logimat, the company is presenting a clever box for the first time that is automatically reordered. The new Kanban concept works with RFID technology, Each container is equipped with an RFID transponder in the form of a label. All important information about the respective article is stored on it. On the top rows of the Kanban shelves there is an electronic RFID mat that reads the tags of the empty Kanban boxes and transmits the data by radio to a central computer. This computer is the Master Kanban Box.

The Master Kanban Box forwards the order to the in-house IT system at pre-defined intervals via WiFi, LAN or cellular network. The employees place the empty Kanban containers on the RFID mat and automatically trigger the ordering process. The RFID tags of the containers can then be blocked for a defined time. This prevents multiple ordering of articles. However, users can manually increase the order quantity if necessary.

The Master Kanban Box is multifunctional and is also suitable as an RFID letter box for RFID tags. Employees can simply throw individual transponders into the box to order. The Master Kanban Box can also Barcode labels read. Users can thus optimally adapt the Kanban system to their individual needs. The automated RFID ordering process saves time because manual barcode label scanning is no longer necessary. It also avoids errors and ensures that the required C-parts are delivered as quickly as possible.

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