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SPS IPC Drives Hall 3, 218 Stand

Nord Drive Systems presents advanced concepts for industry 4.0 based on its drive technology. The focal point of the trade fair appearance is the Field distributor series "Nordac Link". This has been extended by a new size and enables with standardized configurations an efficient variant management in conveyor systems.

Nord's drive electronics are ready for the 4.0 industry: Thanks to their integrated PLC sequencers, the frequency inverters can autonomously regulate and manage faults. For example, they can detect when a conveyor belt is blocked and then initiate a by-pass to avoid system downtime. In addition, they record extensive drive and application data and can preprocess it. This applies to status data such as current consumption, speed, voltage and status word or external sensor data, eg. B. of light barriers, temperature or vibration sensors.

Drive data in the cloud

nord30417Based on this data, efficient solutions for predictive maintenance can be developed. In addition, the 4.0 drive technology provides drive-related data in a cloud that can be flexibly accessed remotely. The data transmission between the drive systems and the cloud does not require any special network structures, but takes place via the already installed bus line - there are thus no additional costs for the plant operator. The cloud connection can be easily implemented in this way for each system. With such up-to-date solutions, the drive manufacturer supports machine builders and plant builders in the development of advanced maintenance concepts or new service offerings in the field of digitization and industry 4.0.

Drive systems for conveyor technology

nord20417With the Nordac Link drivetrain, the drive specialist turns specifically to material handling equipment manufacturers as well as outfitters and operators of logistics centers and baggage handling systems. The field distributors were developed in close cooperation with customers and users.

This is how coded plug-in connections accelerate installation, networking and maintenance. Sensors and actuators can be connected to the drive electronics and read from this and controlled. Integrated maintenance switches and manual control switches simplify set-up operation and system service. All commercially available fieldbus systems as well as the Industrial Ethernet protocols Profinet, Ethernet Powerlink, Ethercat and Ethernet / IP are supported.

Wide range of performance and functional diversity

The Nordac Link series includes frequency converter and Motor Starters for all performance and functional requirements of drive technology in intralogistics. Equipment and function can be freely configured. All devices have an integrated PLC and enable the installation of autonomously operating modular system parts. The frequency inverters offer PI controller, positioning functions, connection options for encoders, hoist functions and the STO and SS1 safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2. For this reason, they also provide safe service, for example on inclined conveyors, lifting stations or long belt conveyors. At the SPS IPC Drives, Nord presents the new converter size for motor power up to 7,5 kW in line with these applications.

Up to 70% cost savings through variant reduction

nord40417The new field distributors are also a basic component of the Logidrive. The manufacturer has developed these standardized drives for a simple variant management in conveyor systems with many drive axles. Three gearmotor sizes ensure significant efficiency gains in purchasing, engineering, commissioning and maintenance. Up to 70% of the lifetime costs (TCO) can thereby be saved.

The low energy consumption also provides Logidrive with further savings. The IE4 permanent magnet synchronous motors deploy their full energy-saving potential in conveyor systems with frequent partial load operation. They consume significantly less than comparable engines and usually pay for themselves in a very short time.

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