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nord0417SPS IPC Drives Hall 3, 218 Stand

Nord Drive Systems leads electronic drive technology quickly to series maturity. To accompany the prototype development frequency converter and motor starters at the headquarters in Bargteheide checked in an EMC cabin. These documented tests accelerate CE certifications.

The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test examines whether the drive electronics products comply with limits for the emission of interference frequencies. In addition, the products are tested for immunity to external interference. In the in-house EMC cabin, the drive specialist detects potential sources of problems early on and can therefore eliminate them cost-effectively. The latest new family of field distributors has been classified using the measuring equipment - most recently 2 (5,5 and 7,5 kW) frequency inverters. The development of another series is already in full swing.

The EMC behavior is examined on individual devices and systems with motor, it can flexibly respond to customer inquiries and tests are carried out with a specific test setup. This makes it possible to check circuits and installations and to accelerate subsequent acceptance by accredited laboratories. The drive technology manufacturer also subjects products to temperature measurements and climatic cabinet tests. This ensures compliance with operating temperature ranges as well as resistance to cold, heat, moisture and temperature changes.
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