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nord04162frequency converter by Nord Drive Systems with integrated PLC can at a separation from the control system to respond flexibly and autonomously establish a defined state and automatically take over complete control of the application. In case of an accident, a correspondingly programmed Drive PLC jumps immediately and can bring controls the drive axes to a standstill.

Depending on the application, the controlled continued operation of the application via the drive PLC is also possible to avoid system downtimes. In process engineering processes, costs can be reduced by spoiled batches. Elsewhere, this ensures the material flow in production.

Since the intelligent drives have extensive interfaces and can evaluate sensor and actuator data, optimal application is guaranteed. But not only for accidents, this self-sufficient control capability of the intelligent drive is significant. With a circuit breaker it is also possible to switch over to local control. For set-up operation, tests or maintenance, decentralized frequency inverters can be additionally fitted with direction and speed selector switches.

The programming of the integrated PLC functions takes place in the text-oriented languages ​​"structured text" or "instruction list" according to IEC 61131-3. The manufacturer provides the software "Nord Con" for free and without license fees.
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