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Mitsubishi Electric has the new frequency converter "FR-E-A800"Presented, which is based on FR-A800 series. For the automation industry it is important because of the wide range of functionalities for network connectivity and its integrated monitoring facility. These are at different frequency - if available at all - often configured as additional extras.

The drive is equipped with a standard web server and TCP / IP Ethernet connectivity with 100 Mbit transfer rate. Ethernet connectivity significantly reduces the cost of connecting the drive to an Ethernet TC / IP environment. Engineers can use the setup software "FR-Configurator 2"Search the network from one location and quickly discover the connected FR-A800-E models. The direct connection via Ethernet eliminates the cost of option cards, and the parameters on a FR-A800E are more convenient to setup, monitor and customize.

Optimize settings remotely

The integrated web server allows users to refine production settings and reduce downtime by connecting directly to the device. Via the web browser, the frequency converter can be accessed directly via Ethernet cable or remotely via VPN. With this connection, the user can conveniently monitor the status and make adjustments. It also simplifies fault diagnosis and improves maintenance response times.

In addition, a direct network connection to HMIs of the "GOT" series getting produced. This allows manual or automatic backup of the parameters and their recovery. With the network connection, the frequency converter can be connected via USB to a PLC.

The expansion of the networking capabilities of the FR-A800 series with Ethernet standard makes the frequency converter much more flexible and simplifies the connection to parallel networks. So users can z. B. select a suitable industrial network card to integrate the inverter into a larger automation network. The Ethernet port allows remote access or coupling of the drive to another device such as a quality control PC. The almost unlimited network connection options are complemented by the compatibility with the current 100 MB CC-Link IE fieldbus and the available variants in the higher gigabit range.

Smart work on the go

Matching the frequency converter, there is an app for mobile devices. The app extends the engine control and monitoring functions from the simple engine control function to remote alarm and operation parameter control. This is particularly convenient for plant engineers, maintenance engineers and users because they can also operate the system while on the move.

The system supports the preventive condition monitoring, An FAG "Smartcheck" vibration sensor is attached to a motor, pump, gearbox or other rotating machine and can be connected via Ethernet. The FR-A800-E then passes velocity information to the sensor so that the velocity data can be linked to the vibration data for a more accurate picture of the machine condition.

Optimized production performance

The entire line of FR-A800 drives runs between 0,4 and 630 kW, designed for the most demanding, reliable, and efficient applications. Therefore, the FR-A800-E also includes standards such as intelligent autotuning and powerful PLC functions based on the "Melsec L "series based. They enable users to program specific applications. The integrated positioning function promotes the diverse application possibilities. FR-A800 frequency inverters also offer sophisticated function modules, for example for pendulum arms or cranes.

True sensorless and full vector control increases speed and torque precision, while 250% overload capability during commissioning ensures trouble-free operation, even in difficult applications. In total, there are four overload options. Sampling times less than 3 ms guarantee a fast response, while speed increase times less than 80 ms optimize performance assurance and productivity improvement. In terms of safety, the PLe / SIL3 stage guarantees simple emergency shutdown and complex press control. An STO function is installed as standard.

Statement from the product manager

"Thanks to an additional Ethernet connection, web server and Startapp, the already demanding product with extensive network, safety and PLC functions, preventive condition monitoring and other features has created a great solution for a wide range of applications," says Oliver Endres, Product Manager Frequency Inverter, Mitsubishi Electric Europe BV, Factory Automation European Business Group. "You can control and monitor an entire plant or a complete process with just one device. As a result, system integrators and machine builders can save a great deal of time and money during the development, construction and commissioning phases. In addition, the new frequency converter is also enormously helpful to end users as it enables easier and more cost-effective operation and maintenance. "

The official launch of the FR-A800-E and the launchapp are scheduled for April 2017.
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