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The new electronic drive series "Nordac Link" of Nord Drive Systems simplifies distributed networking and commissioning of conveyor systems. Coded plug connections make installation and maintenance. Interfaces, manual control buttons and functions be flexibly configured for each application.

Simple operation and handling as well as high availability: these were the wishes of the customers, which the drive specialist fulfilled with this new development. All connections are pluggable and can be operated quickly and safely - confusion excluded. And not only qualified electricians can intervene quickly in case of maintenance, but every plant engineer can switch the field distributor by means of maintenance switch de-energized and then change the geared motor without further ado. Thus, the affected conveyor belt is ready to start again in minutes.

Simply network decentrally

Nord20416The series includes frequency converter for a wide power range from 0,55 to 7,5 kW and Motor Starters up to 3 kW. These have been optimized in a rugged, compact enclosure for decentralized installation on plant frames or on a wall near the engine. The entire field distribution family is suitable for long distances and extensive systems. The mains voltage can be looped through with short lines from drive to drive. Profibus and AS-i are integrated available. In addition, interfaces are available for all commercially available fieldbuses and Ethernet systems such as Profisafe, Profinet, Ethernet / IP, Ethernet Powerlink, Ethercat, Devicenet, CANopen and Modbus. These modules are placed pluggable inside the housing. The field distributors integrate sensors and actuators - for local evaluation of the signals and efficient communication with the plant control. As with all display and operating elements, the developers paid attention to ergonomics and clarity in cable routing. LED displays inform at a glance about operating and signal states or switch settings. Switches can be configured as required for the customer application without any design effort, for example for error acknowledgment or activation of the drive.

Frequency converter with scalable functionality

The Nordac Link frequency inverters achieve high control performance through field-oriented current vector control and deliver the torque reliably up to speed 0. The drives have a high overload capacity of 150% for one minute and briefly up to 200%. An integrated load monitor increases system availability by enabling the motor to be switched off preventively so that, for example, a blocked belt does not result in damage to the system and longer total failures. The drives can evaluate incremental and absolute encoder signals as standard and position them extremely accurately with the closed loop. Several drives can reference each other in master / slave mode or synchronize for speed or position synchronization. The safety functions STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Stop 1) according to EN 61800-5-2 are also available.

Universally and globally applicable drive tasks suitable

Nord10416International manufacturers can work barrier-free with the manufacturer's drives. The Nordac Link series has certifications for Europe (CE), North America (UL, cUL), Russia (EAC) and Australia (RCM). This is not self-evident in the price class, but ensures that OEMs do not have to spend twice as much on procurement or development and can easily work with a common, well-known technology. Correspondingly, the drives are also suitable for use worldwide in networks with 50 or 60 Hz, thereby supporting the market-standard fieldbuses and Industrial Ethernet systems. The new drives have successfully completed the field tests and go into series production at the beginning of 2017.
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