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nord0416SPS IPC Drives Hall 3, 218 Stand

Nord Drive Systems presents its newly developed field distributors series "Nordac Link". The Frequency converters and motor starters are currently in the final field test phase and will go to the beginning of the year 2017 into mass production. Coded pluggable connections for power, communications, sensors and actuators allow rapid, safe installation and commissioning.

LEDs indicate switching, operating and signal states so that operators can diagnose faults locally. Maintenance switches and operating switches on the device simplify system service and set-up operation.

The drives can be flexibly configured for applications especially in conveyor technology as well as in other machines and plants. The extensive range of functions ranges from encoder evaluation via brake management to PI control and sequential control systems via an integrated PLC. The highly overload-capable drives control asynchronous and synchronous motors with high control quality and reliably deliver torque up to speed 0. Comprehensive monitoring functions to protect the grid, motor and system are integrated directly into the devices. The supply voltage can be interconnected from one drive to the next, which provides for long distances often with hundreds of drive axles for a greatly reduced cabling and correspondingly reduced costs.
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