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nord0316SPS IPC Drives Hall 3, 218 Stand

Nord Drive Systems shows intelligent drive systems with integrated PLC. These take in customer applications complete sequencers. Thanks to extensive diagnostic functions, sensor interfaces and process controllers can particularly identify blockages and restore independent normal mobility in many cases.

This increases the plant availability and lowers the service requirement. If an obstacle, such as a blockage in a line, can be eliminated by changing the speed and direction, the drive then resumes normal operation. Otherwise, he can initiate a fault message to the control level and initiate an evasive maneuver by, for example, instructing networked drive units to release a bypass.

The actions can be programmed individually for each application. This enables self-sufficient, intelligent plant components, such as sorters, portioning or packaging systems, single or cross-linked pumps, crushers or screw conveyors. At the same time, optimal integration into automation networks is guaranteed. The inverter-SPS optimally prepares drive and application data for a higher-level control or for diagnostic purposes as required. The manufacturer offers low-maintenance, versatile decentralized drive electronics with exceptionally high EMC quality for synchronous and asynchronous motors up to 22 kW available.
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