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sieb0216The parameterisation software "Drivemaster2" from Sieb + Meyer supports the entire device family of the SD2 (S) drive amplifiers. Users can parameterize their drive amplifiers with the intuitive solution. In addition, the software can be used without additional measuring instruments for diagnostic purposes.

The software is very clearly arranged and is characterized by many vivid graphics and common block diagrams. She completely refrains from incomprehensible Verklausulierungen. A parameter wizard guides the user step-by-step through commissioning, and interactive help and comments are also available. This allows the software to be operated intuitively even for users who do not work with it on a daily basis.

The Drivemaster2 makes it possible to store parameter sets created once directly in the drive amplifier and protect them with a password. In the software, different parameter sets for different motors and spindles can be stored up to 64. The user can switch the parameter sets directly on the drive amplifier or via inputs on the drive amplifier.

Communication between PC and drive amplifier can be via USB. However, in a direct application environment, communication is recommended via RS232 instead of USB for EMC reasons.

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