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nord0216Nord Drive Systems sets frequency converter with integrated PLC, a self-monitoring of the drive. They monitor the entire propulsion system monitors ahead, evaluate sensor data and assessed with intelligent algorithms the system state. Vibration sensors and oil sensors provide important data on the wear. Vibration analysis allows conclusions on the state of bearings and gears. With the oil analysis can detect when a lubricant needs to be changed.

That a predictive maintenance but also without external sensors and correspondingly higher costs is possible, shows a functional model "virtual sensors": The inverter collects the process data of the drive system and calculates with an algorithm - which also includes product data and experience - the maintenance time. The basis is the fieldbus-neutral reference architecture for condition monitoring in factory automation according to VDMA 24582.

In order to map the real drive state as realistically as possible, the drive specialist has compared the calculations with laboratory values ​​and adapted the algorithm. These software diagnostic functions are a particularly efficient solution that is also suitable for small drive sizes. With this new inverter function, customers achieve longer service lives, improved availability and lower maintenance costs.
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