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koch0415The results of the new study of the Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfenbüttel show. The use of the DES (Dynamic Energy Storage) by Michael Koch on an 6 axis handling robot saves up to 21% energy. Over a period of three months, the tests were carried out on a common industrial robot at the Institute of Production Technology of Ostfalia.

The aim of the investigation was to estimate the savings potential through the use of the dynamic buffer. A DES with a storage capacity of 20,4 mF was used. The test measurements were carried out on a handling robot with a suitable control, with a tool weight of 140 kg. In particular, original Geoschweiß-, adhesive and handling programs from the body shop of the automotive industry (image) were performed. Measurements with a measuring case system were measured and compared on 20 programs with and without DES. The result was clear. The energy savings with the use of the DES averaged at 15,12%. Overall, the savings ranged from at least 7% to 21%.

Other test results, which are not part of the study, show that the DES not only saves energy, but also increases the frequency of the application and thus provides more output at the same time. In addition, the lifetime of drives is extended thanks to the DES. In its standard version, the active buffer module has a storage capacity of around 1,6 kJ.
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