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nord0315frequency converter For motor mounting or installation in the control cabinet Nord Drive Systems from the 1. October 2015 consistently with new, more powerful microcontrollers and a new firmware. The architecture adaptation enables the inverters previously used on asynchronous motors also for the control of synchronous motors. This will be especially in the course of the development of Motors of efficiency class IE4 increasingly important.

Even without encoder feedback, very dynamic drive tasks can now be performed. For example, customers who previously use IE3 motors with encoders can save energy and costs by switching to IE4 motors without encoders. The new generation of inverters also master drive-related PLC functions. This can relieve external controls significantly - sometimes even needed additional small controls can be completely eliminated.

The frequency inverters also support the manufacturer-independent motion control function blocks of the PLC open. In addition, they can be freely programmed in "Structured Text" or "Instruction List" according to IEC 61131-3. This reduces the complexity of application development and reduces the associated costs. Customer-specific drive-related functions can be implemented with the converter PLC without application-specific firmware, eliminating cost-intensive verification and validation.
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