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"Manage braking energy" is the slogan under which Michael Koch now offers a range of products that make electric drives more energy efficient. In addition to the extra secure braking resistors offers Michael Koch that Energy storage solutions DES, DEV and DEK for drive controllers that significantly reduce costs in total.

Koch40215With the dynamic energy storage family from the Michael Koch GmbH from Upstadt-Weiher, users are able to manage the energy of Drives with little effort. Voltage fluctuations and network interruptions thus lose their horror - and that at a manageable investment cost.

Store energy dynamically three times

The Dynamic Energy Storage DES Saves up to 50% energy while allowing you to increase the clock speed. This increases the output in the same time. In addition, the service life of drives is extended. In its standard version, the active buffer module has a storage capacity of around 1,6 kJ.

The Dynamic energy supply DEV Provides sufficient energy in case of power failure to bring the machine to a controlled stop. It can even let the application continue to work to some extent. It depends entirely on the requirement. In addition, the drive with the solution serving as a short-time UPS for Drive Controllers can easily be restarted after a power failure. The standard version offers a storage capacity of around 2 kJ.

The Dynamic energy storage combination DEK is the sensible combination of DES and DEV and combines all advantages in one device. It can buffer braking energy as well as compensate for voltage fluctuations up to grid interruption within its memory size. This is made possible by the division of the memory into an area for the dynamic management of the braking energy and one for the energy of the short-time UPS. All energy storage devices are suitable for applications with greater energy requirements by connecting several devices in parallel or expanding with expansion modules.

This is how the Dynamic Energy Storage Solution DEK works

Easy handling and converter flexible

Koch30215The energy storage solutions are designed in "plug and play" and as easy to use as a braking resistor. The connection is made via three wires. More work steps are not required for the user, since the memory is regulated independently from the beginning. They are suitable for many applications in electrical drive technology and are designed for drive controllers with DC link voltages up to 800 V DC, which have a direct DC link connection. The energy storage modules can be used with every common inverter type. The triplets are also available for single-phase inverters, called KES, KEV and KEK The maximum voltage in the DC intermediate circuit is 600 V DC with a maximum power of around 10 kW and energy amounts of well 1,3 or 1,6 kJ.

Now with emergency power

Koch20215Koch recently added a 24 V fuse to its braking power portfolio for a drive's controls and peripherals. Fed from the stores of the DEV or KEV devices Not only the drive for a defined time remains active with the emergency power supply NEV, but also the protected 24 V network. The device automatically and automatically learns the externally connected voltage and thus the voltage level to be supported in the range between 22 and 26 V.

To round off the product range, Koch offers the specially made Cabinet solutions KTS, After all, many users recognize that the subsequent addition of their already running machines to the energy storage solutions pays off in many ways.

Thus, many individual products become a conclusive system for handling drive energy. The brake energy specialist is able to design complete systems based on the customer's data and their own consulting expertise. If you have questions about the sensible use of the drive energy of machines and plants, the competent sales team will be happy to help.
Picture above: Complete program of single resistors - also available as combinations.

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