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The installation space is often short supply in the cabinets. A compact, lightweight and also energy and cost-saving solution is therefore the "Roba multiswitch "-Schnellschaltmodul by Mayr Antriebstechnik, A new design in which the output voltage via a DIP switch is set, now enables the control of different components. The manufacturer of control cabinets HEC is based on this rectifier.

In drive technology, the control of the electromagnetic safety brakes is generally carried out via rectifiers. These connect the brakes as DC consumers to the AC mains. They are used, for example, in elevator technology but also in other applications such as the control of locking magnets for door drives or in the retrofitting of classic drum brakes, rectifiers are used. In the control cabinets space and weight are often tight.

Therefore, Olav Hennemann, Managing Director of HEC GmbH in Münster, as a manufacturer of control cabinets for elevator technology, relies on the compact rectifiers of the Roba-switch series: "These are much smaller and lighter than the commonly used large transformers on the market. Due to their weight, the transformers can sometimes be torn off the mounting plates of the control cabinets during transport and thus cause damage. "For the Roba-multiswitch quick-connect module, there is now a version with a uniform input voltage of 230 VAC with a simultaneously variable output voltage. The output voltage from 42 to 180 VDC can be set via a DIP switch. This not only saves weight and space but also controls different components.

"Thanks to the compact design of the Roba-multiswitch, I can fall back on a smaller control cabinet, thereby significantly reducing costs," explains Olav Hennemann. "In addition, the switchgear can be equipped uniformly, which minimizes the variety of parts. The wiring effort is lower. "

In contrast to transformers, which are energized throughout, the high-speed rectifier is only energized when it is needed. It is particularly suitable for retrofit solutions and renewals in control and switch cabinet construction. Further applications in elevator technology are hydraulic lifts, which have solenoid valves with special voltages such as 60 VDC. Here, too, the mentioned savings potentials apply: A transformer and another rectifier can be replaced.

In addition, HEC also equips the control cabinets on the elevator cars with the Roba-multiswitch. For reasons of space, the transformer had always been placed outside the control cabinet there. In addition, the wiring costs were very high. Thus, the control cabinet can now be delivered as a complete unit - the question of the placement of the transformer has become unnecessary.
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