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stoeber0115Stöber expanded its modular system technology for drive and automation with the new controller SD6. The heart of the controller is performing better 32-bit processor. Together with the high-resolution Endat 2.2 encoder that can be used in all DC motors manufacturer, they ensure the highest positioning accuracy and speed. Per motor revolution, the system determines about 33 million positions. For the setpoint / actual value interface, a 32-bit format. This positions with high accuracy and large travel range can be displayed.

Due to its high computing power, the SD6 recalculates the position, speed and torque control of the servo axes of all 62,5 μs. This allows a very high dynamics and precision of the drives with short settling times and fast responses to setpoint changes and load jumps.

All SD6 controllers optionally have the option of DC bus coupling, in order to provide the regenerative energy of one drive to another drive. To create a safe and efficient DC link coupling, the drive specialist has developed the "Quick DC Link" rail connection system. As a rear element, it reliably connects the individual controllers via its busbars. The drive controllers SD6 are available for outputs from 0,37 to 50 kW.
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