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weg0115WEG has significantly increased the performance of the medium voltage MVW01 frequency inverters. Thus, the rated power of the devices in the air-cooled version increases at voltages of 2300 or 4160 V from previously 6500 to 16.000 kW. The MVW01 inverters for three-phase asynchronous and synchronous motors are also available in a water-cooled version. For the same size, the latter offers a further 40% higher rated output. The product range now covers voltages from 2,3 to 6,9 kV and rated power from 400 to 16.000 kW.

At full load, the powerful MVW01 achieves an effective efficiency in excess of 99% thanks to its special design. It is used primarily for driving pumps, fans, grinders or agitators in the oil and gas, cement and mining, steel and metal, sugar and chemical, pulp and paper, plastics and rubber, and water and wastewater industries.

The MVW01 has the following topology (Voltage Source Inverter, VSI), consisting of three-phase rectifiers, a DC voltage circuit and an output side NPC (Neutral Point Clamped) Multilevel inverter with 3 / 5 voltage level for an output voltage of 2300 up to 4160 V and with 5 / 9 voltage level for an output voltage from 6000 to 6900 V. The inverter is equipped with high-voltage insulated gate bipolar transistors, the latest generation for voltages up to 6,5 kV and a DC bus with 12-pulsed rectifier bridge.
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