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Koch04142A maximum voltage in the DC link of 600 VDC, maximum power of about 10 kW, amounts of energy of well 1.3 or 1,6 kJ: These are the key data of the new energy storage family KEx 2.0 of Michael Koch for single-phase drive controllers. Buffer module, short-term uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and the combination of both are now also available for converters with a connection voltage of 230 VAC. The direct connection to the DC intermediate circuit enables the direct reaction in real time to the requirements of the application. To increase the energy storage volume, an expansion module is offered.

KES 2.0 is called the dynamic energy storage whose task is to buffer the braking energy of the machine. With short cycle times, this leads to significant savings in electrical energy. The device dimensions are compact with 300 x 100 x 200 mm (height x width x depth), the operation extremely easy. The device must be connected to the drive controller with three cables. All necessary data is learned by the device independently, neither programming nor parameterization is necessary. Even switching on works automatically.

The short-term UPS KEV 2.0 provides with standard 1,6 kJ in case of voltage fluctuations and power interruptions valuable help. Their energy volume can simply be increased with the extension module KEM 2.0. A maximum of 14 kJ is possible. In addition, one or more 24 V NEV backup power supplies can be connected, which can support one 24 V network with 150 VA per device. In short: the KEV 2.0 works as an energy center for single-phase inverters and their peripherals.

The combination of KES 2.0 and KEV 2.0 is called KEK 2.0 and creates as a so-called energy storage combination both functions: With at least half of its storage volume, it works as a short-term UPS, the rest it uses to buffer in short intervals, the braking energy of the machine and so to get the system. Your energy storage can be doubled by a KEM 2.0 expansion module. And the KEK 2.0 can also be equipped with the NEV, so that in an emergency it can also supply the periphery of the drive with electrical energy.
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