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Beijer0314The new H3 series from Beijer Electronics was specially developed for the reliable control of HVAC applications. The H3 series drives increase the efficiency of the drive system to more than 98%. As a result, proven energy savings enable decreasing energy and operating costs, resulting in significant cost savings. At the same time, harmonic harmonics commonly associated with electronic components and conventional variable speed drives are reduced to below 30% iTHD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

The H3 HVAC inverters are available with a power range from 0,75 to 45 kW and an 3-phase input in protection class IP55 / IP66. They impress with their drive efficiency combined with low input voltage distortion according to EN 61000-3-12. The H3 series reliably controls the latest generation of induction motors, permanent magnet AC motors, DC brushless DC motors and synchronous reluctance motors.

The drives are easy to operate and designed to be extremely rugged in a compact drive. The lower mains supply allows the use of thinner cable diameters and smaller fuse sizes and transformers. Thanks to the low power factor, there are no additional costs for the energy supplier. The improved efficiency leads to reduced operating costs as demonstrated by this calculation example: 37 kW power consumption, 10 operating hours per day, 5 days per week and 50 weeks per year show power consumption at 92 500 kWh. At 1,1% savings, this translates into more than 100 kWh savings per year.
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