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Koch0314The recently opened Automation Tech Center at the Schuler site in Gemmingen recently introduced the new Crossbar robot generation 4.0. With the new robot, the press manufacturer is breaking new ground not only in design, but above all in terms of energy management and process monitoring. The improved Crossbar robot convinces above all with the help of the Dynamic Energy Storage DES from the Michael Koch GmbH in terms of output, from now to 15 possible parts per minute.

The use of the DES enabled the crossbar robot to increase the number of strokes for the press chaining and an energy saving of about 15 to 20%. Depending on the part geometry, 15 parts can now be moved per minute. The DES is as easy to use as a braking resistor and comparable in efficiency to a regenerative power unit. It is therefore also suitable for many other applications in electric drive technology. In its standard version it is designed for all inverters with an intermediate circuit voltage up to 800 V DC (corresponds to mains connection of 400 V AC) with a direct DC link connection. The handling is very simple: Unpack, connect with three wires and save energy. The storage regulates itself independently from the beginning. The reference sensor for the energy absorption and energy output is the brake chopper output of the inverter. The DES determines the relevant voltage levels in the DC intermediate circuit of the inverter and adjusts its operating parameters.

If the drive brakes, the DC link voltage increases. If it exceeds the limit determined during the first braking, the DES absorbs the energy. The energy is stored here until the voltage reaches the lower threshold. Then the stored energy is returned to the intermediate circuit before energy is taken from the grid. This is the key moment of energy saving. The memory of the DES discharges to the previously automatically set minimum level and waits for the next braking. The flexibility in terms of usability and independence give the device the attribute "dynamic". The memory module works as a gentle stabilizer of the DC link and has no contact with the input power grid.
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