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gefran0214With the frequency converter ADV200 WH for a wide performance spectrum from 30 kW to 1,2 MW completes Gefran's ADV series. The new model is lightweight, very robust and above all much more compact than air-cooled inverters with the same performance. The ADV200 WH combines a converter for asynchronous / synchronous motors with or without encoder with liquid cooling. It is very well suited for use in plastic extrusion and plastic injection molding and can be easily integrated into existing systems.

With the ADV200 WH, the developers are taking advantage of the fact that plastics processing plants are in many cases already equipped with water cooling. However, the new inverter is not just limited to this industry. In principle, it is ideal wherever large amounts of heat have to be removed from the control cabinet or the room as in metal extraction or processing. The cooling system can be operated with water, oil or a water-glycol mixture as cooling medium.

The liquid cooling leads to a significant reduction in size. At the same time, it ensures perfect heat dissipation, thereby reducing the dimensions of the control cabinet and cooling system to a minimum. The cooling coils of the ADV200 WH are made of aluminum and therefore very well protected against corrosion. In addition, the design of the pipe system ensures reliable, internal separation of electronics and liquid cooling.
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