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New motor starters and controllers from Nord Drive Systems The established decentralized inverters of the SK 200E series are the perfect complement to many new, simple and efficient applications. In systems with many drive units, the cost-effective devices work with a clear role distribution. From simple switching tasks to the synchronized use of networked devices, existing solutions were revised and new ones developed.

nord10913Efficient drive electronics means coordinated solutions in function and price / performance ratio. The Bargteheider drive manufacturer therefore relies on a staggered range of electronics, ranging from motor starters with protective function to compact, purpose-built frequency inverters to decentralized all-rounders, which not only offer standard positioning but also safety functions up to SIL3. The devices designed for motor assembly are particularly suitable for implementing decentralized drive concepts in large-scale systems.

A uniform operating concept and full compatibility enable flexible system concepts from a single source. In logistics and conveyor systems leads, for example, the Soft and reversing starter SK 135E simple switching tasks off while the Inverter SK 180E most horizontal and the SK 200E It also optimally regulates demanding diagonal and vertical conveying tasks. The operation can be done easily and flexibly directly on the devices, with control boxes or with the free software "Nord Con". The parameters can be quickly transferred to other devices via the internal system bus or via Ethernet interfaces, so that the commissioning of large systems can be implemented quickly and easily.

Motorstarter with extensive protection features

The new SK 135E is an electronic, wear-free switch that converts soft starting and reversing functions for motors from 0,25 to 7,5 kW in a cost-effective, decentralized manner - a lean solution for simple switching operation without speed control. The soft starter function prevents on and off blows and protects the mechanics. For applications requiring high breakaway torque, a boost voltage can be programmed. For reverse operation, different braking behavior can be defined.

The integration of protection mechanisms for grid (current limitation), device (overvoltage and undervoltage protection), motor (PTC / I²t, motor phases) and system (torque limitation, overload) in the electronics saves costs in the periphery. Motor protection switches, reversing contactor switches and brake rectifiers as well as cables for PTC thermistor connection and for brake control can be saved. In large systems, the compact devices replace entire control cabinets. In addition, the installation costs are reduced. With complete delivery of the pre-wired drive with gearbox, motor and motor starter, the connection is a matter of seconds.

Cost-optimized converter for basic tasks

A typical area of ​​application for the likewise new decentralized inverter SK 180E are the many more simple conveyor applications in extensive facilities. The inverter with proven ISD vector control is designed for motors in the power range from 0,25 to 2,2 kW and even more cost-effective than the range of decentralized types available so far. er can be simple horizontal funding tasks run self-sufficient, The system bus of the devices enables networking of multiple drives and their synchronized use in a larger network. Ethernet interface modules also allow centralized control via an external PLC. The SK 180E has a very good radio interference suppression.

Engine-mounted units meet the C1 classification, C2 installed near the engine. The SK 180E provides a typical 150% overload capability for 60 s and, for short periods, even up to 200%. As Standard function of NorthIntegrated transformers he too the option of automatic magnetization adjustment in partial load operation, The energy consumption can thereby be reduced by up to 30%. Connected for even better efficiencies the drive specialist An 230V star-delta motor with two 3 ~ 400V inverters larger in horsepower, so that the motor will hold the rated torque in 87-Hz operation at higher speeds.

Distributed inverter with positioning and safety functions

nord30913For hoist, positioning or safety-related applications, the proven SK 200E converter series with several types offers additional integrated features, including the sophisticated STO and SS1 safety functions for requirements up to SIL3. Consistent performance grading and various optional enhancements also allow users to select suitable devices only with the features they need, thereby achieving the best possible cost / performance ratio.

The devices for 0,25 to 22 kW in four sizes are the only ones in their class to have integrated positioning control and connection options for incremental and absolute rotary encoders. Thus, the series allows the use of standard asynchronous motors also for applications that require a relative or absolute position control or synchronization. This creates a cost-effective and easy-to-use alternative to distributed power solutions.

For all tasks, the distance calculation of the positioning control ensures a time-optimized and safe journey to the destination. In addition to encoder evaluation and positioning control include an integrated brake chopper and a drive unit for an electromagnetic brake to the extensive equipment of the basic version of the SK 200K. Also the high quality sensorless current vector control, which the specified speed keeps even with heavy load fluctuations, is one of them. Additionally received User various possibilities to customize the devices according to your wishes through internal and external expansion options.

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