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Kollmorgen0613Using brake energy effectively, bridging short-term power failures safely: with the new KCM series increased Kollmorgen the performance especially of multi-axis interconnects based on robust capacitor technology. The devices are either used as active support modules for DC intermediate circuits or serve for the short-term storage and return of braking energy without mains feedback.

As an active support module for the DC intermediate circuit of single and multi-axis systems, for example in the form of AKD Servo Family KCM acts like a UPS for drive controllers. Because the DC link voltage is maintained during short-term grid interruptions, the risk of uncontrolled malfunctions, machine damage and standstills resulting in production losses is reduced. Disturbances of this kind are increasingly becoming a practiced practice in German industry. 200.000 interrupted the Federal Network Agency alone 2011 in the low and medium voltage range.

The KCM modules develop their balancing effect directly in the DC link without complex installation. The devices switch on automatically and load their energy storage with operation of the inverter very metered, in order not to overstrain the charging circuit of the inverter. The simple and elegant way to more production availability is also a tried and tested way to replace maintenance-consuming electro-mechanical storage systems with large flywheel masses.

As a dynamic brake energy storage, the KCM modules can be placed directly in the DC link of the controller in comparison to complex input and regenerative solutions, without disturbing the grid. The capacitors absorb the regenerative energy during braking and, during acceleration, feed directly into the DC link of the drive controllers.

The short-term buffering of energy creates an uncomplicated and elegant way to reduce peak currents when accelerating as an additional and modularly expandable memory expansion of the DC link. Because the energy generated during braking is not dissipated in resistors, there is less waste heat. As a result, power consumption drops due to higher energy efficiency. Suitable for both areas of application, the drive specialist makes the demand-oriented and modular adaptation of the capacity to the needs of an application very easy with the KCM extension modules.

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