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siebmeyer0513Specially designed for high-speed applications Drive amplifier SD2S von Sieb + Meyer proves itself among others in the machine tool industry z. In precision grinding machines. The system can be plug and play integrated and allows highest spindle power at the same time lowest engine temperatures. This prevents excessive heating of the motor. This benefits the sensitive materials of the machines and the quality of the machining.

Among other things, the drive system is successfully used in the Voumard precision grinding machines from Peter Wolters GmbH. These high-end systems are designed for flexible internal and external cylindrical grinding of complex workpieces where cones, flat or cylindrical surfaces must be ground with the utmost precision. The SD2S drives the sensitive spindles in the machines and prevents them from running hot and thus grinding less precisely. Otherwise, a temperature increase would have to be technically compensated with great effort.

The SD2S enables the drive of synchronous and asynchronous motors up to a speed of 480.000 min-1, Depending on the application, the operation of the SD2S can be encoderless or encoder-related. There are a number of different options available for connecting to the higher-level control system. The interfaces range from analog reference signals (± 0 V), digital I / O, RS232 and USB to CAN bus. A connection to Profibus and Ethercat is possible via a Servolink interface or Anybus adapter.

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