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semikron0513User-friendly spring contacts for the power and control connections and a simple, cost-saving and solder-free assembly of circuit board, heat sink and module with just one screw - these are the characteristics of the "Mini Skiip "product line from Semikron. The modules are used in particular for industrial drives, solar inverters and power supplies. After the performance classes up to 40 kW, the Mini Skiip is now available for applications up to 90 kW. The range of services covers 150A-300A / 650V150A-300A / 1200V and 100A-200A / 1700V.

The Mini Skiip spring contact connection technology will be available for 40 kW for the first time. The cost of materials compared to previously conventional converter designs fall because the previous, costly busbar of the load connections can be replaced by a cost-effective printed circuit board (PCB). The simple solderless mounting provides additional time savings in module contacting. This reduces system costs by up to 15%. The layout of the PCB is simpler and more flexible due to the spring contacts since the PCB does not need to have holes for solder pins. The springs also allow in comparison to a solder joint a more flexible connection between the PCB and the module, which brings advantages in particular under thermal and mechanical stress.

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