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AMK0513AMK presents another device for the series of decentralized drive solutions "AMKASMART"added: The i3X is a three-way servo inverter in a compact package, and the internal cabling of the power and communication between the three inverters not only reduces cabling requirements but also reduces the cost of connectors and cables Machines with three axles, taking advantage of the general advantages of the series in a very special way:

The triple model i3X is available in a performance range of 3 x 2 kVA and 3 x 5 kVA. The protection version in IP65 and the vibration shock resistance offer very good conditions for mounting directly in the machine. By mounting close to the motor, they reduce the space requirement in the central control cabinet. This will make the machine smaller overall. Depending on the power requirement, different cooling concepts are used. Here you can choose from convection cooling, integrated fan or Coldplate installation.

When cabling the drives, the manufacturer relies on a separate management of power and communication instead of a hybrid cable. This not only reduces the cost of cabling, as cheap standard cables can be used, but also reduces the susceptibility of the data line. The use of distribution boxes is thus completely eliminated.

Further potential for savings is offered by the flexible connection technology. Thus, the motors can be supplied with a cable tail and the connection to the servo drive via terminal technology, which requires no special and therefore expensive plug. The drives are also available with the necessary plugs to connect motor and regulator. The secure and fast communication via real-time Ethernet such as Ethercat or Sercos III is a very good basis for industrial use. Five multifunctional I / Os are available for the direct connection of sensors and actuators to the machine. With regard to safety, the i3X can be implemented as standard with STO (Safe Torque Off) and optionally with functional safety.

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