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Hannover Messe Hall 14, Stand J15

With the Dynamic energy combination DEK presents Michael Koch Now the third energy storage for the actuator level. This offers a combination of Dynamic energy storage OF and Dynamic energy DEV. At the level of the drives with the three units all possibilities exist, independently of the mains to deal with excess or lack of energy in the DC link inverters. DES increased the buffer module as an active energy efficiency, the DEV-UPS protects a short time from the negative effects of a voltage fluctuation or power failure and the DEC may be considered a profitable hybrid, energy efficient than short-term UPS for drives.

koch30313In continuous operation, the inverter uses power so that the performances of the motor or rotate in the proper direction of rotation and speed. Falls Voltage from or will they even interrupted, the motor coasts. Requires the application of a change in operation, that the speed and / or direction of rotation changes, comes with braking energy into the game. The motor is briefly to the generator with the effect that the tension increases in the system and the energy must be dissipated. This is done today using a braking resistor or a regenerative power supply with uncertain consequences for the network quality. Dynamic energy storage products, with the DES, Dynamic energy DEV and the new combination of the two with the type designation DEK, all problems can be solved in a surprisingly simple.

Dynamic energy storage governs itself independently

The development of guidelines for the dynamic energy storage DES were: handling simple as a braking resistor and the efficiency comparable to a regenerative power supply unit. In its standard version has the active buffer module with a capacity of around 1,6 kJ making it suitable for many applications in the electric drive technology. Designed for converters with DC link voltages up 800 V DC (equivalent common Net connect 400 V AC), which have a direct bus connection, the memory module can be used with any standard inverter. Where: unpack, connect three wires and save energy. More steps are not necessary for the user. The memory governs itself independently from the start. Reference sensor for the energy intake and energy output is the braking IGBT inverter output. DES also determines the voltage levels in the relevant DC intermediate circuit of the converter and provides its working parameters accordingly.

The drive brakes, then the intermediate circuit voltage. If it exceeds the at the first brake determined threshold, the DES takes on energy. Here the energy is stored until the voltage reaches the lower threshold. When the stored energy is returned to the DC bus, before energy is retrieved from the network. This is the crucial moment of the energy savings. The memory of the DES is discharged up to the previously established minimum level, and automatically waits for the next braking. The flexibility in terms of its usability and its independence, the unit has the attribute "dynamic." The memory module acts as a stabilizer of the intermediate circuit and has no contact with the input-side power supply.

Dynamic Power: Fit and Forget

The device, called Dynamic energy DEV acts as a short-term uninterruptible power supply for inverters and servo drives. The active expansion of capacity of the direct current intermediate circuit, the inverter stops at a fixed corresponding to the technical design amount of energy is used to keep a power failure to the voltage level of the DC intermediate circuit at a level that bypasses the downtime without interference and / or the machine defined standstill. The aim is that the drive and all the systems it supplies power failure either did not notice or to a defined state comes from which a restart is possible without effort. Both is the task of the application engineering detachably using DEV.

The active capacity expansion for DC link circuits of size 2.0 DEV brings in its standard version with a capacity of around 2 kJ with making it suitable for many applications in the electric drive technology. Also, it is designed for converter with DC link voltages up 800 VDC, which have a direct bus connection. "Our dynamic energy DEV works like a black box that fits all and adjusts itself. Connect with only two wires and then forget about it and save nerves, "says managing partner Michael Koch along the machine's performance.

Dynamic energy and combination unites OF DEV

With dynamic energy combination DEK, the company presented at this year's Hanover Fair, the combination of the two presented above devices. The DEK can both buffer braking energy balance as well as voltage fluctuations up to the power interruption. Made possible by the sharing of memory in a range for the braking energy and the energy of the short-time UPS, the UPS area at least half of the energy storage gets allocated. The exact breakdown of the available amount of energy is the result of application engineering. Starting from an example in which it is, in the case of a braking 500 J save energy between the remaining available 1500 J for the UPS case be kept.

Even when the DEC is that the connection is made very easy with three strands and the device works. None of the three storage solutions, a power switch is available. This is such a high degree of usability model and strengthens the character of this unit as well as the other two supporting peripheral product. As the DEV has the DEK monitoring interface, which is considered a sustainable protected function as an energy source in case of power failure for essential.

Wide range of devices for specific use with different load

koch20313The "triplets" are available in several power levels are available. In addition to the basic variant 2.0 which is available in two performance classes, the variant has 3.0 another burst of energy. She is with the higher load factor power x time. Reached the higher carrying capacities to the isometric devices by a modified electronics and significantly improved active cooling. When DES, this means the same amount of energy in cycles shorten, the DEV very large amounts of energy in unplanned or same amount of energy with frequent scheduled power outage. And at the DEC, the increase in capacity has a positive effect in both areas.

If that's not enough storage capacity for one of the devices for the specific application, it can be extended easily by additional memory modules. They are connected via cable with polarized plugs is simply with the DEV. With these expansion modules is additional energy in kJ 2 increments.

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