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koch1212The new DEV devices 3.0 and 4.0 of Michael Koch In the case of an unplanned grid interruption, they can supply more or longer energy or remain stable in the event of a planned and hence more frequent grid interruption than their predecessor version DEV 2.0. The DEV 3.0 is about 2.0% higher compared to the DEV 50 higher, the DEV 4.0 about twice as strong.

The DEV devices from Michael Koch bring additional energy directly to the DC intermediate circuit of drive inverters and servo controllers. With the power size 2.0, two to 18 kWs can be made available at mains interruption. This allows many applications to be put into a safe standstill, from which they can be restarted without any problem as soon as the power supply returns.

The higher load capacities of the units of the same size are achieved by changing the electronics and significantly improving active cooling. Thus, the Dynamic Power Supply DEV 3.0 is able to send energy directly from the internal or external 30 kWs into the inverter in the event of an unplanned power failure. The most powerful type DEV 4.0 is around 40, although the device itself does not offer built-in memory. The energy values ​​of DEV 3.0 and DEV 4.0, however, can increase significantly depending on the framework data of the application.

The devices that can be used with any common inverter type are capable of handling voltages in the DC intermediate circuit up to 850 V DC. They are particularly interesting not only for unplanned outages from the power grid but also in the bridging function of planned interruptions, such as when FTS (driverless transport vehicles) have to cover routes without contact with the power supply. The devices then adjust themselves to the given situations and deliver energy independently whenever they need the DC intermediate circuit. During installation, only two cables must be connected.

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