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mitsubishi1112With the focus on energy saving solutions presented itself Mitsubishi Electric an approximately 5 m high presentation showing how a Hänel Lean lift works. In the state-of-the-art lift system for intralogistics tasks, the compact frequency inverter FR-A741 has an integrated regenerative feedback function. The Hänel Lean-Lift stores items fully automatically and with optimized height, making the best possible use of the storage area. To increase energy efficiency, the system can optionally be extended with the "Eco Drive" function.

When the FR-A741 with integrated regenerative feedback function is used, it converts the kinetic energy that arises during the downward movement of the load-carrying device and in this power class unused to the environment into electrical energy and feeds it to the power grid. From there it can be used cost-effectively elsewhere as well as at other Lean lifts within a network. The benefits in terms of energy saving and cost reduction are clearly and quickly noticeable: Depending on the travel performance of the lift, up to 40% of the energy previously required for the upward travel can be recovered and fed into the energy cycle. Thus, in addition, the CO2Reduce emissions.

With its high level of performance, the FR-A741 is particularly suitable for lifting drives or for controlling high-performance machines with regenerative torques. Examples are applications with vertical and horizontal movements, for conveyor systems, centrifugal separators, testing machines or winding machines. As the frequency converter and regenerative unit are installed as standard in a common housing, the converter allows smaller, more cost-effective drive systems and ensures a simplified and space-saving cabinet design. This eliminates additional wiring costs. Compared with the use of an external power feedback unit, the network wiring can be reduced by up to 60% and the installation space by up to 40%, depending on the power class.

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