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TDK1012Electronica Hall B2, Booth 205

TDK Lambda has several new series of non-isolated mini DC / DC converters presented the 2. Generation of "Dosa" standards for "pole" applications (point-of-load). Key features of these "Dosa-2 transducer families" include: high power densities, eliminating external components for plug & play, low overall heights, high efficiencies, and land grid array (LGA) connectivity.

The modules are well-suited for harsh applications in telecommunications and broadcasting, as well as industrial, test and measurement equipment, routers and medical devices.

The Dosa 2 product portfolio consists of four mini DC / DC converter series with different output currents: iCF (3 A / 16,5 W), iCG (6 A / 33 W), iBF (12 A / 66 W), and iAF (20 A / 110 W). All models in this series have a wide input voltage range from 4,5 to 14 V DC and provide adjustable output voltage between 0,7 V and 5,5 V DC at efficiencies up to 94,5%. The dimensions of the small fingernail sized miniature transducers range between 12,2 x 12,2 x 4,45 mm and 33 x 13,46 x 7,75 mm. As an alternative to the LGA connection concept, an optional EPC layout (Edge Plated Castellation, connection areas on the edge of the board) is available.

Thanks to optimized control loops, all models feature excellent transient response without the need for external additional circuitry. Remote On / Off, Remote Sense (equalizing voltage drops between converter and load) and Power Good signal are standard. In addition, all models operate at ambient temperatures between -40 ° and + 115 ° C and have a three-year warranty.

The converters operate with a fixed switching frequency of 600 kHz. As a result, they have a low noise profile and simplify the radio interference suppression of the entire device. All models have UL / CSA60950-1 and VDE CB Scheme IEC / EN60950-1 safety approvals.

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