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The Servo drive series "Ecovario"608 and 616 from Jenaer Antriebstechnik cover the power range up to a maximum of 10 kW An 2 axle variant is also presented at Motek They are suitable for the operation of 3-phase synchronous servo motors They offer a fast digital current, speed and position control with speed and torque limitation.

Compared to the previous Ecovario generation, they are equipped with a new, more powerful digital signal processor. Power is supplied by 400 VAC three-phase or with 560 VDC.

The servo amplifiers enable operation with different feedback systems (incremental, sincos, absolute) for both rotary and linear drives. For complex applications, the simultaneous use of multiple returns is possible.

The setpoint input for the positioning control can be made either via CANopen, Ethercat or Profibus DP. A Profinet interface is in preparation. Under CANopen and Ethercat you can work in interpolation mode.

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