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gefran06121Gefran offers a contactless version of the Elevator inverter ADL200, The concept behind it: Only one device for all lift drives simplifies the use of electric drives in elevator control. The new ADL version has been enhanced with the safety feature to prevent unintentional restart. This can save up to two contactors depending on the system design. This innovation reduces the noise emissions in a shaft assembly of the lift control.

The operation of the contactless elevator converter is conceivably fast and uncomplicated: It can be carried out either via an operating unit with a five-line plain text display or via a PC configurator with parameter / diagram display. All necessary settings for the initial startup are made within a menu in the guided dialog procedure. Depending on the complexity of the application, the user can choose between Easy and Expert mode.

The supplier developed the design of the ADL together with its customers and adapted it to the usual, cramped space conditions. The obligatory network filter for all model variants is already integrated. As a result, the ADL200 is also extremely compact, even in the contactless version, and is even suitable for installation in lift systems without a machine room.

The all-rounder is suitable for the modernization of existing plants as well as for installation in new plants - with or without a machine room. It does not matter whether the drives are synchronous or asynchronous motors and whether they work with or without a reduction gearbox. The power variance is up to 90 kW large, also offers the inverter 200% overload for 10 s. Interfaces to DCP3 and DCP4 are implemented at the factory. In addition, it has all lift-specific safety functions such as brake control and evacuation.

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