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Gefran0612Gefran has its adaptive Power controller of the GF series equipped with additional functions for the furnace construction. The power controllers GFX4 and GFW adv meet the high demands placed by operators and manufacturers of thermal processing systems. They work precisely, facilitate process diagnostics, facilitate the connection to automation networks and, above all, can be linked to a wide variety of heating loads.

Conventional resistors or those from MoSi2 (Kanthal or Super Kanthal) can be connected as well as heating elements made of silicon carbide, primary windings of transformers or long-, medium- and short-wave infrared radiators.

New to the modular 4 channel power controller is its PID controller. This is the most adaptable of all standard controllers. The GFX4 system combines controllers, solid state relays and current transformers, as well as an optional fuse breaker in a compact housing. It allows the control of one-, two- and three-phase ohmic loads of 30, 60 and 80 kW. Built into the control panel, the microprocessor of the GFX4 manages up to four control loops completely autonomously and independently of each other. The space requirement and the time required for the wiring are low. The standard equipment includes a Modbus RTU communication interface. It enables communication with typical automation equipment such as PLC, operator terminal and IPC. A second interface, which can be configured for the most common fieldbuses, is optionally available.

The user can retrieve a variety of diagnostic information such as the load current consumption, the operating status of the zones or the alarm status. To change the operating mode, a corresponding setting of the parameters is sufficient with the aid of GF Express, a special software with a smart configuration module: the user can easily access the correct parameter setting via an intuitive user interface. He can then save the settings and transfer them to other controllers or the PLC.

The GFW adv also variably adjusts the current and voltage to the respective requirements and flexibly handles load changes. It can now optionally be equipped with an integrated electronic safety device (patent pending). It provides complete protection against a short circuit on the load. Their integrated design saves space and cabling and eliminates incorrect operation by selecting an incorrect fuse. Since the power controller can be restarted immediately after the short circuit, downtimes are reduced. All the more so because the automatic re-start is configurable - for example, in the case of a temporary short circuit due to a spark arc. It is handled by a pushbutton or via the serial interface or fieldbus.

The GFW adv can be used at rated currents from 40 to 250 A and rated voltages of 600 VAC. In addition, the GFW units provide a temperature input for optional PID temperature control and alarm outputs. An external control panel facilitates the operation of the actuator. It allows the parameterization, the storage of the parameter sets and the display of the operating data such as load current, voltage and power as well as mains frequency.

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