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Kollmorgen0412Hannover Messe Hall 9, Booth D18, co-exhibitor at Ethercat

Kollmorgen has its Automation platform "Automation Suite" get on the Servo amplifiers of the AKD family integrated. The so-called AKD PDMM support Ethercat, without the otherwise necessary hardware add-ons and thus offers a high-performance PLC and motion control functionality. These drives can save machines up to 20% of components and up to 30% space.

The AKD PDMM (Programmable Drive Multi-Axis Master) can be programmed via the graphical, intuitive "Pipe Network" programming environment. Alternatively, the five standardized IEC 61131 PLC languages ​​and PLC open motion control function blocks are available for motion control. The AKD PDMM opens up new possibilities in the design and operation of single and multi-axis machines. Each of them can coordinate up to 8 axes with standard AKD in 250 μs. This eliminates interfaces and many expensive components, which reduces system costs. Since Automation Suite integrates a sophisticated visualization with the easy-to-program "Visualization Builder", only a graphic terminal has to be connected to the extensive machine operation.

The Automation Suite is specifically designed for high-performance applications where multiple axes need to be perfectly synchronized. Their sophisticated controllers and control loops allow operation with higher bandwidths and more throughput. At the same time, the Pipe Network contributes to improved machine performance: The otherwise very complex programming is replaced by a graphical description with drag-and-drop function. Starting from a virtual master, all functions and relationships between components as well as all movements and settings can be defined with graphical description blocks. Machine architecture and dependencies between the axes of an application can be clearly and accurately represented in a very short time.

If the system is displayed, the Automation Suite offers the option of virtual simulation. Without having to connect a device, motion profiles, axis states, synchronizations etc. can be optimized in real time. As a result, many time-consuming test runs with the machine can be dispensed with, the commissioning time is considerably shortened, possible risks are recognized early and eliminated.

The AKD PDMMs support the Ethercat motion bus without the need for option cards or other gateways, as is the case with other servo drives. The corresponding interface is integrated directly into the basic hardware. Thus, the drives offer maximum quality and operational flexibility, the user saves space and costs.

The servo amplifiers are flexible, scalable and offer high dynamics. There are many communication options and performance classes. The inverters not only improve machine performance, throughput and accuracy, but also make it possible to use a unified drive platform with the same graphical development environment (IDE) for many different applications. Apart from being the main controller with optional and networkable control panel, the AKD PDMM can also be used as a motion controller on a higher-level controller. They have an I / O extension to provide fast local response times. Ethercat makes it easy to add more distributed I / O and special modules to the drives in real time.

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