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Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) plants are used to generate electrical energy. The systems for using waste or residual heat are considered mature today and are becoming increasingly popular. In such systems, the efficiency can be significantly increased with the correct frequency converter technology. That's why Sieve + Meyer Features of the device platform SD2S also specifically modified for this application.

In the thermodynamic process of waste and waste heat recovery systems, even small sources of thermal energy can be economically converted into electrical energy. For example, the waste heat from combined heat and power plants is used to heat an organic, low-boiling working fluid in an evaporator. The resulting pressure is released via an ORC turbine and converted into electrical energy by means of a generator. The ORC process generates electricity from residual heat that would otherwise be wasted. The efficiency of the process is about 10%. By using the waste heat, the overall efficiency of a CHP can be significantly increased. The process is also predestined for the utilization of industrial process heat. It is produced in processing and production anyway and can be used to generate electricity without additional primary energy requirements.

Especially for the use of CHP systems in higher performance ranges with downstream ORC systems, the feed-in converter is designed for operation with high-speed compressors, which was developed on the basis of the SD2S frequency converter for synchronous and asynchronous high-speed motors. He is on the operation with speeds of for example 100.000 min-1 and designed more. By combining with other components, the power generated by the generator is converted into grid-compatible power. Depending on the ORC system, the feed-in converter is available in different versions and customer-specific.

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