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B & RIn a drive solution optimally tailored to the application, inverters must leave the control cabinets and be brought directly to the scene. This allows configurable modules to become easy-to-connect mechatronic units, significantly reducing delivery time, footprint and commissioning time. The direct integration of the inverters in the environment of the actuator, without the need for additional accompanying measures, is one of the advantageous configurations. For this application + B R The near-inverter "Acopos multi65" has been developed.

Acopos multi65 inverters are IP65 rated, allowing direct attachment to the machine. The control cabinet itself contains only the power supply modules and the necessary electromechanical components. This results in a considerable simplification for modular machine architectures.

Another advantage is the so-called hybrid cabling of the inverters with each other. The simple juxtaposition of Acopos multi65 drive modules in a line structure - a so-called "daisy chain" wiring - results in a manageable and flexible machine architecture. The energy is simply forwarded from one drive module to the next.

In addition to the wired safety function STO (Safe Torque Off) and SS1 (Safe Operational Stop 1 time-monitored), the Acopos multi65 inverters will also be available as an option in future in the network-based version based on open safety. This provides the user with the STO, SBC, SOS, SS1, SS2, SLS, SMS, SLI, SDI, SLP functions that are already certified with Acopos.

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