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igelHedgehog electronics presents with the ISA Drives Sinus a new generation of frequency converters that cleans up with the typical disturbing characteristics of a conventional inverter. The costly installation of filters and the use of shielded cables are a thing of the past with the ISA Drives Sinus. The ISA Drives Sinus are also quiet and meet the requirements of the EMC Directive.

Frequency converters generate a magnetic field during operation, which causes considerable EMC interference with other devices. These disturbances can even lead to bearing damage in motors. Additional filters and shielded cables are necessary, but cause significant additional costs. The patented technology of the frequency converters generates a purely sinusoidal output voltage, with which a motor can be regulated without interference. Filters are not necessary, existing cable runs can continue to be used. Due to their special characteristics, the frequency inverters can be used in environments with a low disturbance tolerance such as hospitals, laboratories or residential buildings. They also work with 30 mA RCCBs.

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