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NorthFor integration into EtherCAT environments and the Beckhoff control world, Nord Drivesystems offers a technology box for the engine-mounted Inverters of the SK 200E series on. Especially for distributed systems, for example in conveyor technology, this Ethernet-based bus offers considerable advantages. For example, there is no longer the problem existing with classical bus systems that a high data throughput is associated with a very limited bus line length.

With the new EtherCAT Box, a large number of inverters can now be inexpensively connected with a single bus line at high data throughput, since the repeaters or additional bus master interfaces otherwise required are eliminated.

The bus module is either placed directly on the outside of the connection unit of a SK 200E or optionally installed separately from the frequency converter with an optional wall mounting kit. The EtherCAT bus cable is connected to the box via M12 circular connectors. The box also provides eight integrated 24 V inputs and two 24 V outputs. With a technology box, up to four inverters can be addressed via EtherCAT. An integrated RS232 / RS485 interface makes it easy to access the parameters of the bus module and the connected inverters on site with the SK PAR handheld terminal or the "Nordcon" PC software. The standard IP55 protected devices are also available in IP66 if required.

All SK 200E inverter models feature sensorless current vector control and include a brake chopper and an electromagnetic brake drive unit. Even with the basic unit, both a speed control can be implemented (incremental encoder input HTL level) and a positioning controller with the integrated "Posicon" function. Also available are types with extended functional scope, such as the integrated safety function "Safe Stop" or onboard interface for the AS-Interface bus system.

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