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BeckhoffThe EL7201 servo terminal for the Beckhoff "Ethercat "-Klemmensystem integrated into the standard terminal housing a complete servo drive for motors up to 200 W. The integration into the EtherCAT I / O system, the wiring and commissioning effort is greatly simplified and reduced space and cost. The servo terminal is used to expand the compact drive technology product range for the I / O systems. In addition to the Bus Terminals for stepper motors, AC and DC motors, a solution is now available for highly dynamic positioning tasks.

The EL7201 servo terminal with resolver interface offers a very compact design with high servo performance. The integrated, fast control technology with field-oriented current and PI speed control supports highly dynamic positioning tasks. In addition to the direct connection of motor and resolver, it is also possible to connect a motor holding brake.

Permanent load synchronous motors with rated current up to 4 A can be operated as load. Numerous surveillance, z. B. the over and undervoltage, the overcurrent, the terminal temperature or the motor load, provide maximum reliability. Modern power semiconductors guarantee minimal power loss and, in braking mode, allow feedback to the DC link.

The servo terminal is fully integrated in the "Twincat" automation software and enables convenient parameterization. In the case of third-party masters, parameterization is carried out via the CAN over EtherCAT profile (CoE).

The servo terminals cover a wide range of positioning tasks: from the packaging machine to the automatic assembly machine to the mini robot. With the EL7201, the range of servo drives can be scaled even more finely: from the smallest servo drive to 200 W, in the EtherCAT Terminal, to the AX5000 servo drive with 118 kW

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