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SemikronWith the intelligent Power module "MiniSKiiP IPM" Semikron sets new standards in power density in intelligent 1200V IPM modules. With a weight of 55 g and a volume of 49 cc, the module is lighter and more compact than other IPM modules in this performance class. In addition, thanks to the special module structure, the switching characteristics are optimal under the influence of electromagnetic interference. The MiniSKiiP IPM is designed for use in frequency converters up to 15 kW output power.

With a footprint of 59 x 52 mm and a total height of 16 mm, the module is at least 50% smaller than traditional smart power modules in this power range. The innovative assembly and connection technology enables the development of compact converters while reducing production costs. The MiniSKiiP IPM modules owe their high power density to the thermal coupling of the power semiconductor chips and the DCB to the heat sink with the aid of an efficient pressure contact system. Since the module has no base plate, the thermal resistance is much lower than in IPMs with base plate.

The integrated SOI driver is placed directly on the DCB and is connected to the gate terminals of the power transistor via short tracks and optimized gate resistors. Short cable paths ensure harmonious switching behavior and minimize interference due to electromagnetic interference. The complexity of complex protective circuits for an EMC-compliant design is comparatively low. In addition, due to the short conduction paths, less parasitic inductances are produced, as a result of which overvoltages in the module are kept within limits and higher DC link voltages are possible, which in turn improves the overall efficiency of the module.

The MiniSKiiP IPM and PCB are mounted to the heatsink with a single standard screw. All connections of the power, gate and auxiliary connections to the printed circuit board are realized in place of the previously usual solder contacts via pressure contacts. The assembly is thus fast and economical. The lack of solder joints means beyond a further qualitative improvement of the entire structure and thus an increase in reliability compared to conventional IPM modules. Unlike discrete solutions, the customer benefits from the user-friendly design of this all-inclusive product.

The 1200V Six-Pack MiniSKiiP IPM features a built-in high-voltage integrated circuit (HVIC) driver and is equipped with state-of-the-art Trench Field-Stop IGBTs, resulting in low switching losses and high current density. With 61A rated current an output power of up to 15kW is possible. The module is also available in the 600V-CIB (Converter-Inverter-Brake) version. The modules are fully RoHS compliant.

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