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Sprint ElectricSprint Electric now also offers converters for slip-ring motors. A slip-ring motor is a three-phase asynchronous motor with a slip ring rotor connected to slip rings. Typical applications for slip-ring motors are, for example, cranes, where the motors are used to control the hoist and the X / Y movement. JLX converters for slip-ring motors are a modification of the PLX series digital DC converters.

They have the same software and hardware platforms and provide the same exact digital control capabilities as the proven PLX series DC-DC converters. The main difference is that the configuration of the thyristor stack has been developed to provide a three-phase output voltage (U, V, W) that drives the slip-ring motors in either 2 or 4 quadrant operation. All fieldbus options of the PLX including Profibus, DeviceNet, CC-Link, EtherNet / IP, Modbus and CANopen and configuration software packages are also available for the JLX series.

The JLX series of slip-ring motors covers output powers from 100 to 1850 A and is available in three sizes with a standard input of up to 480 V AC. The overload capacity is 150%. For heavy duty applications, the JLXHD series with 250% overload capability is available. In addition, there are high voltage versions designed for a supply voltage of up to 690 V AC for higher voltage applications. All models are equipped with high-current three-phase supply connections, with a standardized supply of top and bottom connections for the motor. The JLX series configured for crane control is supplied in the standard version with either digital or analog setpoint inputs and outputs required to drive up to four external slip ring resistors, as well as dedicated outputs for over-synchronous regenerative lowering and brake control.

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