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keb0718Highly dynamic movement tasks are the target area of ​​the Servo motors in the new DL3 series from KEB. The execution with special steel coating Steel IT are well prepared for installation positions with direct weather influences and the employment with slight chemical stress of the surface from the environment.

5 motor sizes from 55 to 190 mm with nominal torques from 0,5 to 70 Nm are available for different requirements in machines and systems. As servo geared motors in combination with the 1 and 2-stage planetary gearboxes for adjusting the torque and speed, motor sizes with output torques from 4 to 5 Nm are available in the special coating for 720. The bandwidth of the translation stages ranges from i = 5 to i = 40.

The right combination of motor and planetary gearbox as well as the assignment of the correctly sized servo actuator "Combivert S6" serves the assembly configuration in the service tool "Combivis 6" with just a few clicks. The system selection of motor, gearbox, servo controller and the associated cables is graphic or tabular. The software provides all technical documentation for design, installation and commissioning.

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