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leroy0318Success Story

A Denmark-based fish food manufacturer has replaced a mature and damaged DC motor of its largest extruder with a "Dyneo" engine from Leroy-Somer, a Nidec Corporation company. Through this investment, the company achieves a significant saving in the energy costs of a fish feed producer.

Aller Aqua produces the fish food for freshwater and saltwater fish, always striving to further improve production technologies and processes. With feed for 30 different fish species, the company offers a wide range of products. When the DC motor failed on one of the largest extruders, the purchase of a new and modern engine was considered.

"As a lot of energy is consumed in the extrusion of animal feed, the new engine solution should above all be energy-efficient," explains Carl Erik Niemann, Sales Engineer for Powertrain and Engine Technology at Nidec Industrial Automation Denmark A / S. After a comprehensive market analysis, the company decided to use a Dyneo permanent magnet synchronous motor with an output of 310 kW (2400 min-1). The efficiency of this engine is well above the energy efficiency class IE4. This can save at least 135.000 kWh of energy per year.

"In addition, thanks to increased machine availability, maintenance costs are now also reduced in Aller Aqua's production," Niemann continues. "The previous DC motor had a brush and collector system with consumables." Finally, the local service provider was able to simplify the existing installation by implementing the Dyneo motor because, unlike the previously used DC motor in IP23, no additional cooling and ventilation circuitry was required ,

The Dyneo LSRPM motor can be ordered through the drive specialist's express delivery service and is available in a compact version or in the IEC standard configuration. The solution is easy to implement and the investment pays off very quickly - at Aller Aqua in less than three years.

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