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A few years ago, the proportion of DC motors (DC) now 70 percent of the total koco Motion Portfolio on - rising. The drive specialist's extensive and also customer-specific DC motor program covers a performance range from 0,06 to 1670 W today. Brushless and brushless motors are available in numerous designs for a wide range of applications.

Kocomotion20218Owner Gerhard Kocherscheidt explains the growth of the small all-rounders as follows: "The potential for all types of DC motors is so huge. For example, the brushless motors are becoming more durable and cheaper. As the sizes decrease, their performance increases. "And so it is not surprising that the possible applications are becoming ever more diverse.

Through word-of-mouth propaganda, exhibition fairs and the strengthening of field sales force, Dauchinger drive specialists have been able to generate significant growth in DC motors. They work closely with the manufacturing partners in the USA, China, Korea and Lichtenstein.

The drive specialist's DC motor program covers the power range from 0,06 to 1670 Watts. The manufacturer offers various types of DC motors in the diameter range from 4 to 130 mm - divided into brushed and brushless motors. The requirements for lifetime and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) as well as the switching cycles determine whether a brushless or brushed DC motor is the optimal drive.

DC motors with and without brushes

Kocomotion30218Brushed motors are designed as iron-armored motors or ironless. Ironless DC motors have a self-supporting winding with noble metal or copper carbon commutation. Completed with an encoder and a planetary gear, they can be used as a servo system. Such micromotors are particularly suitable for battery-powered applications. Combining iron-armature DC motors with a planetary gearbox gives you high starting torque. By means of ball-bearing rotor possible radial forces are absorbed and thus the life of the drive improved. The mechanical commutation has 3 to 13 segments. The brushes differ in the choice of materials such as copper / carbon or precious metal.

Brushless, too BLDC motors called, are very wear-resistant and thus offer a long service life. The BLDC motors are available in two designs: as internal rotor and as external rotor. While inner rotor offer a greater power density, the moment of inertia in the external rotor is significantly higher than an identical internal rotor. The type of construction used depends ultimately on the available space and the required performance, which requires the application.

Brushless DC motors are available with and without Hall sensors. They are particularly durable, compact and inexpensive. High reliability even at high speeds as well as good control characteristics are the special features of this engine technology. Again, there is the possibility of upgrading with encoder and planetary gear - finished the servo system.

The Brushless DC motors with integrated electronics are a cost-effective solution for applications that require a long service life. Thanks to their very compact design and integrated electronics, they can be accommodated even in the smallest of installation spaces. By means of the infinitely variable speed setting, almost any speed can be adjusted.

200 Watt bell anchor motor

Kocomotion40218At SPS IPC Drives, the company has unveiled two new high performance non-corrosive drives that complement the previous sizes in the 4 to 25 mm diameter range. The new bell anchor DC motors in the 30 and 32 mm diameter ranges feature robust copper-carbon commutation and offer peak performance up to 200 W.

Due to the ironless winding, the motors can accelerate very quickly and achieve a long service life with efficiencies of up to 90 percent. With only 3068 mm diameter and 30 mm length, the 68 DC motor achieves peak power of up to 200 W at a speed of 4000 min-1 on. The 3257 DC motor offers 24 V performance with 85 V.

Both newcomers are particularly suitable for use in battery-powered applications such as tools, medical hand-held devices, automation or smart home products.

Tailored to the application

Kocomotion50218"Whatever it is, we lay out the drives according to the specifications and requirements of the application," says managing director Olaf Kämmerling, promising his customers. "We attach great importance to the bearing and the load on the motor shaft due to imbalance or high speeds." Based on the application, the best ratio between the diameter of the motor shaft and flywheel is determined. "Of course, at the same time, we always look to develop a cost-benefit-oriented solution," adds Olaf Kämmerling and continues:

"We offer countless basic models with a variety of modifications through encoders, gears, cables, plugs, shafts, brakes, controls or sensors." Applications can be found in electric locks, drones, smart home products, medical technology, toys, pumps, special -, packaging, labeling machines or leveling devices, laser scanners, printers and pumps, to name but a few.

Individually designed control

The BLDC motors can be controlled for sensorless motors or for motors with Hall sensors. Various electronics can be customized for this purpose, depending on the customer or project. For example, the speed control via a PWM (pulse-width modulation) or analog signal. The control voltage can also be adapted to the customer's specific requirements and the speed can be set or the controller can be integrated into the drive.

The concepts range from simple speed control on a board to the integration of, for example, membrane keyboards in the drive concept. A solution as a simple control board up to the housed solution for the control cabinet assembly is possible on request at any time.

What the future brings

Kocomotion60218Koco Motion has a lot of plans for the future: "New projects are always a challenge for us, especially customer-specific solutions are important to us," says the managing director. "Such a customer-specific solution no longer consists of just one engine and one transmission, but more and more of the electrical connection to the system control." Here, the drive specialist still sees opportunities for development. Because with the connection and implementation of customer-side interfaces, one would like to simplify cooperation in Dauchingen. At the same time, the variety of systems available on the market will particularly demand specialists.

The drive specialist is currently planning to implement connection options for bus systems at the moment. Overall, the role of interfaces in DC motors would be based on size and power. So not every DC motor needs an interface - customer specific.

Picture above: In the case of the external rotors, the moment of inertia is significantly higher than with an identical internal rotor.

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