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aucom0218Greater starting of larger electric motors avoids large inrush surges and thus protects the supply network. It also minimizes the mechanical stress on all components. For pumps, compressors or compressors special hydraulic or pneumatic factors of the driven fluid conveyors are added. To be able to take into account all parameters, has AuCom The EMX4 soft starter is provided with a slot for a pre-programmed, intelligent smart card.

The pump smartcard makes it possible to independently process all parameters of sensors, preset pump characteristics and switch-on times etc. and, for example, to remotely control the entire irrigation system. Instead of complex programming of a PLC that controls the soft starter and the peripherals, the smart card that has already been set up for the specific needs of the pump control system is used. In addition to cost savings and lower assembly costs, this facilitates operation in the field. Users receive direct feedback from the application through process data in clear text.

In order to be able to use the advantages for other applications as well, a universal smartcard will soon be available, which can be flexibly recorded with the respective desired software version. This can cover a variety of applications with reduced logistics costs, without new hardware and programming effort.

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