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Adrive0118A-Drive offers its highly dynamic Servomotors of the SMN series with digital hiperface DSL interface. Another innovation is encoders with Drive-Cliq interface, which can be easily integrated into existing automation systems. This has many advantages with electric cylinders and makes the actuators even smarter.

The highly dynamic servomotors of the SMN series are now available as a single-cable solution SMNH with Hiperface DSL. Hiperface DSL complies with the RS485 standard with a transfer rate of 9,375 MBaud. The data transfer is synchronous with the controller clock, which can be short up to 12,1 μs. The cable length between speed controller and feedback system can be up to 100 m. An additional structure or an extended connection housing is no longer necessary with the small servo drives.

Thanks to the digital protocol, servo motors with Hiperface DSL come with a minimum of connecting cables. With this single-cable solution, sensor and encoder data are transmitted or modulated via separate wires. For servo motors with Hiperface DSL, designers profit from the electronics integrated in the motor and the signal transmission as data protocol. This makes intelligent, self-optimizing and consistently networked drive systems possible.

By disclosing the Drive-Cliq system interface, servomotors and actuators can now also be equipped with appropriate encoders. This means that the parameterization and control data are exchanged automatically between the automation system and the actuator so that commissioning is significantly simplified.

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