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Koco0118koco Motion presents a new version of the servo system "can Motion". So far, the servo drive has been offered in flange sizes Nema 17, 23 and 24 with torques from 0,4 to 3,0 Nm. In addition to 24 V supply voltage and 2 A phase current, the new version now also offers 48 V and up to 10 A for the maximum output of the stepper motor.

Stable torque over a wider rpm range, significantly more dynamic behavior and the implementation in other sizes such as Nema 34 are possible with the new performance. The fully programmable integrated closed-loop drive consisting of a stepper motor with integrated encoder and a directly mounted control can be programmed easily and intuitively. This is particularly interesting for decentralized isolated solutions without complex higher-level controls. The digital inputs and outputs already on board as well as an analogue input can be fully integrated into the program sequences.

The customization of hardware and software for customer projects is typically based on 80% standard building blocks. The concept for cost-effective customer-specific solutions is particularly suitable for smaller series. The drive can only do what it needs to do - perfectly. This customized design provides users with competitive advantages because the components built into them are precisely tailored to their applications.

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