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abm0417Logimat Hall 3, Stand B19

ABM Greiffenberger presents a selection of its extensive range of high-performance drives for intralogistics: Among other things, the system supplier has expanded its portfolio of energy-efficient "Sinochron" motors by the sizes 80 and 100 with an output of up to 13 kW.

Sinochron motors offer high power density and efficiency. This can be used very efficiently, particularly in the partial load range: More than two-thirds of the drives in intralogistics - especially in the field of materials handling - are operated in this way. The full torque provided by the engine is requested only briefly to start the load. Afterwards, the drives usually run with only 20 to 30% of the rated load. It is precisely in this area that Sinochron motors demonstrate their strengths compared to standard asynchronous motors. Their efficiency is sometimes more than twice as high in the partial load range. Decisive for this is a permanently excited synchronous motor, which works almost without rotor losses.

If drives in intralogistics systems fail, this is mostly due to the sensors. The Sinochron motors can be operated sensorless due to the anisotropic rotor geometry and the optimal ratio of the inductances in the longitudinal and transverse direction with a suitable controller such as the "Inveor" drive controller. By eliminating a rotary encoder, the entire drive ensures stable operation and maximum availability. By direct connection of the controller to an 400-V power supply, the configuration is simple and the circuit complexity is low. Typical fields of application are warehouse logistics, pump and travel drives as well as construction and textile machinery.

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