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Hiwin has based on the proven TMRW series a new fast-rotating, water-cooled Torque Motors developed for particularly demanding applications. Reduced eddy current losses increased the upper speed limit.

Outside of the stator of the new TMRI direct drives is nothing to see. As a rotor, however, the grooved, high-performance inner rotor instead of the previous homogeneous steel part in the center of a module with a laminated magnet carrier. The previously valid speed limit could be broken thanks to the reduced eddy current losses.

Because the permanent magnets in the rotor are arranged to increase the magnetic flux density, the TMRI torque motor also reaches a new level in torque. It thus offers higher speeds, higher torques and better efficiency than the previous TMRW series.

The TMRI is available with outside diameters from 230 to 565 mm and peak torques up to 5400 Nm in different standard windings for high torque and different speeds. Optionally, the motors are also available with a ready-to-connect steel cooling jacket. Their field of application includes printing presses, transport systems, turning and milling machines, automation technology and applications requiring extremely accurate positioning.
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