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Siei areg0217The SM servomotors From Siei-Areg are now available in four versions which extend the range of services upwards. The drives offer a very low torque ripple and are thus suitable for all applications where the highest precision and running stability are required.

The standstill torques of the four models are between 12,5 and 45,8 Nm. Due to their higher performance, the servomotors are somewhat larger in size than the previous models: the two new sizes 140 x 140 and 200 x 200 mm are available in two lengths each. However, compared to their performance, the drives are still extremely compact. This is made possible by the segment technology, which causes a high fill factor and thus lower copper losses. The SM motors are therefore also suitable for applications in which a compact, yet powerful drive is needed.

The special design of the magnetic module reduces the ripple moment to M.r <0,1 Nm. Thus, the drives in applications where a particularly uniform torque is required to realize special surface structures. This is the case, for example, with the removal of goods from looms and with film drawing machines and film stretching machines.

Thanks to the IP64 degree of protection and a robust design, the SM servomotors are also suitable for harsh environmental conditions. Various brakes, encoders and connector plugs allow a flexible configuration and thus also an uncomplicated custom adaptation of the motors.
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